Leadership matters.
For people, organizations
and results.

Excellent leadership =
Transactional plus transformational leadership!


A modern, effective leadership culture inspires people in their personal development – for instance, through trust and confidence, reflection and sense of purpose. It thus transforms and enhances employee skills and behaviour over the long term.

High Performance Leadership 2.0 =
Creating followership! 

Only when technical and social skills are combined in a manager’s leadership style, will employees be motivated to show initiative, a proactive way of working and loyalty – and a genuine commitment to perform at their best.

Transformational leadership =
The gentle way towards an agile organisation!

As a starting point for agile change in organisations, transformational leadership gently but effectively implements the required values and specific behaviours – without necessarily questioning existing hierarchical systems. 

Professional, web-based tools for
developing highly-effective leadership skills and
supporting sustainable culture development processes

Our Understanding.


Company success –
it’s all about good leadership.

The broader a manager's repertoire of active leadership styles, the more positive the working climate shaped by these leadership styles – and the more successful the company will be. XLNC provides essential feedback and insights that can be used to develop effective leadership cultures. High performance leadership par excellence!

Leadership matters.
Scientifically proven.

Current studies show that leadership culture and leadership behaviour have a measurable impact on your employees' motivation, performance, satisfaction, loyalty and health, and ultimately also on your company's success.


Successful leadership?
It’s all about style!

XLNC_s – the state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that allows you to identify your individual leadership style profile.

Business success?
It's all a matter of good climate!

XLNC_c – the innovative diagnostic tool to measure your system climate profile created by your leadership behaviour.

Application areas.


XLNC is used as a diagnostic toolset for a variety of tasks. Here you will find a number of typical examples for practical application areas.