The leadership style profiling tool


Successful leadership?
It’s all about style!

The ›right‹ style is the one that is appropriate to the situation!

A key factor for successful leadership behaviour is the ability to actively apply a broad repertoire of different leadership styles and to choose the style that is appropriate to the situation.

The XLNC_s diagnostic tool. 

XLNC_s helps to assess the leadership behaviour displayed by a manager, represented by the different leadership styles used in various everyday situations.

The purpose of the XLNC_s survey is to understand which leaderships styles are (preferably) used by the manager and can be experienced by the employees, and whether these styles are perceived as appropriate to the situation. In the survey, managers are asked to perform a self-assessment, and employees to assess their managers. All responses are evaluated anonymously, and the manager’s self-assessment and the employees’ assessment are matched and compared in a comprehensive profile evaluation.

Example diagram

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