About us.

Who we are.

We are a team of experienced diagnostic experts, business coaches and leadership trainers. Our aim is to help companies become more successful by means of an effective and modern leadership culture. It is of utmost importance to us that our instruments are scientifically sound and show a high degree of practical relevance.

For many years we have been a valued strategic partner to companies and organisations of any size and in any industry. 


Get to know our team

What drives us.

We want to create excellent leadership! Therefore, we offer a valid diagnostic approach that enables managers

  • to better understand their own unique leadership personality as well as possible preferences for a certain leadership behaviour that is naturally applied, 
  • to reflect in depth on their own leadership behaviour and compare the intended leadership styles with how these styles are experienced by their employees, and
  • to assess the direct impact of the manager’s individual leadership behaviour on the perceived system climate (team, department, division, ...), in order
  • to generate substantial and demand-related insights that can be used to create a company-specific strategic approach for management development that reflects the respective company culture!


The outcome.

Our experts have developed a diagnostic toolset with a compelling logic – scientifically founded and with the mission of creating a valid and pragmatic basis for developing leadership culture in a targeted manner, tailored to the situation of a specific company.