spectrum – Leadership Excellence, the agile training programme for effective managers.

Would you like to lead your employees effectively and according to the latest leadership standards?

In the light of dynamic markets and modern organisational structures that redefine the business environment day by day, leadership demands on managers have fundamentally shifted. Leadership today means more than just delegating tasks and measuring performance, it also means inspiring your employees to support common objectives and ideals, and creating a climate of cooperation both on a professional and personal level.

This is where spectrum – Leadership Excellence, our agile training programme for effective managers, comes in.

The one-year leadership training programme consists of several consecutive workshop modules, peer coaching and on-the-job training, and will help you further develop your spectrum of leadership styles, reflect on it and implement it consciously and appropriate to the situation or context – enabling you to take action quickly, with confidence and credibility.


  1. Module 1: Introduction/latest management models and tools/self-management and self-reflection
  2. Module 2: Transactional leadership (normative and directive leadership style)
  3. Module 3: Shift from transactional to transformational leadership (participative and integrative leadership style)
  4. Module 4: Transformational leadership (coachive and inspirational leadership style)
  5. Module 5: Future-oriented leadership and closure

Target group.

  1. Experienced managers, who would like to refresh their skills
  2. New managers
  3. Potential managers

Costs and workshop dates.

The spectrum – Leadership Excellence training programme consists of twelve face-to-face training days, the follow-up work on and preparation of contents outside of the modules as wells an individual XLNC leadership survey.

Modules 1–3 are two-day trainings, modules 4–5 are three-day trainings. All modules will take place within one year.

The costs of the spectrum – Leadership Excellence training programme amount to EUR 6,200 plus value added tax. The costs for accommodation and food are not included in the price of the training.

For more information, please contact us at office(at)xlnc-leadership.com or by phone: +49 221 423 18081.