Project examples.

Below you will find an excerpt of our past projects:

Leadership training

We designed a leadership training for newly appointed executives for a large charitable organisation. One of the managers’ main tasks was to reflect on the individual leadership role and leadership actions, and to enhance these in a targeted way. 

Therefore, as a first step, the newly appointed executives carried out a self-assessment of the leadership styles applied by them by means of XLNC_s. In the analysis of the results, they learned about the model of the six leadership styles, and how it helps evaluate their own leadership behaviour. In the second step, the perspective of the managers was compared to the external assessment conducted by their employees in order to identify the differences in the managers’ self-image and the image of others.

The results of the self-assessment and external assessment clearly showed, which leadership styles are preferably used and if these styles are perceived as appropriate to the situation by the employees. This analysis helped determine individual and target-oriented development activities that will broaden the managers’ repertoire of active leadership styles.

Team development

The division manager of a major German car manufacturer carried out a multi-day team development activity with the objective of reflecting on the performance orientation and commitment of his team as well as his influence on it. The manager had been looking for a ›lean‹ survey tool to reflect the status quo.  

As a basis for a customised and highly demand-oriented team development, an anonymous online assessment was scheduled previous to the team event to assess the initial situation. Here, XLNC_c and XLNC_s were used as online survey tools. 

Already in advance to the team workshop, the survey provided first valuable approaches to the topic of ›high performance‹. This allowed to effectively start a constructive discourse between the division manager’s standards and the reality perceived by the team with regard to the underlying environmental conditions which had been considered by the team as critical to success.

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