Our projects.



Application areas

for the use of XLNC as an effective diagnostic toolset.

Leadership Development

  • Survey in detail the status quo of an active leadership culture pattern, in order to design demand-related and customised leadership programmes without wasting time or effort.
  • Evaluate the impact/sustainability of leadership programmes (learning/development progress in a before/after comparison).

Leadership Feedback

  • Reflect on the leadership behaviour applied in your organisation in a targeted – and if needed level-specific – manner (90 to 180-degree feedback).

Team Development

  • Create the substantial foundation for a constructive and in-depth reflection on leadership and cooperation in a team, for example within the scope of team measures (team building, team development, etc.).

Cultural Change/Transformation

  • Prepare fundamental cultural transformation processes. Identify the current leadership culture applied and experienced by your employees and, on this basis, define specific and demand-related measures of development and change, taking into account the strategic corporate objectives.

Executive Coaching

  • Establish the basis for a targeted leadership coaching process. Reflect on the personality structure of the managers in charge, the leadership style portfolio they ›naturally‹ apply as well as its impact on the system climate.


How we have sustainably used the XLNC diagnostic toolset.


We have been successfully cooperating with customers from various industries.  

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