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Would you like to use the XLNC leadership diagnostics yourself as part of your work, for example in coaching sessions, leadership training and team development workshops? Below we present you our three tools.

The personality profile: XLNC_p

XLNC_p offers a scientifically backed foundation for many individual coaching issues and is also used in team development processes.

Individual reflection on personal motives, values and preferred behaviour reveals the relationship between preferred conduct and personality aspects. A deeper understanding of your own personality – with possibilities for development as well as clarity on personal boundaries – often results from examining the results. Coaching consultations on development and transformation benefit from depth and substance.

The results of the XLNC_p diagnostics are also valuable impetus for team development processes. Working with XLNC_p group profiles expands the perspective on team composition, explains working patterns and team dynamics and helps to obtain an integrated understanding of the complementary qualities of other profiles in the team.


The leadership style portfolio: XLNC_s

XLNC_s enables valuable insights in coaching processes and leadership training. In leadership development programmes, it supports knowledge transfer on transactional and transformational leadership styles, for example, and on the concept of situational leadership. The individual results allow participants to reflect on leadership behaviour and can be incorporated into practical group discussions and exercises. Examining leadership profiles also enhances coaching practice. Insights regarding the self- and third-party assessment broaden perspectives and open up new prospects in leadership challenges and issues.


The team atmosphere profile: XLNC_c

Either individually or combined with XLNC_s (leadership styles) depending on the initial situation, XLNC_c can provide a valuable contribution in coaching, leadership training and team development processes. It reveals how the atmosphere in the team is currently characterised and how high the discrepancies are towards the target profile. It provides specific tools for improving performance and collaboration in a team. Specific measures for improving the atmosphere are identified.


The organisation profile

With XLNC_s and/or XLNC_c, there is also the possibility to aggregate the profiles of multiple managers and teams into a department, division or organisation profile. This gives companies valuable information on the distribution of leadership styles throughout the organisation or also differences in culture between individual departments. These insights make it possible to take active approaches for organisational development and transformation processes. Thanks to recurring surveys, the effectiveness of the measures can be evaluated and further insight obtained for sustainable organisational development.


Have we piqued your interest in one or more XLNC tools? With the relevant XLNC certification, you can use our tools independently at any time! We regularly offer open certification workshops for this purpose. You can choose to obtain certification for our entire tool-suite or for individual tools..

The XLNC certification provides theoretical access to all relevant aspects of our diagnostics and also to current research information regarding the interactions between a manager’s personality structure, the leadership style portfolio applied, the system climate created by the leadership behaviour as well as the resulting entrepreneurial success. You will gain an in-depth knowledge on the background, structure, implementation and evaluation of the XLNC diagnostic tool-suite in order to be able to work independently with its instruments.

Naturally, our tools meet high standards in terms of data protection and IT security. You also gain insights here.


  1. General knowledge of the XLNC tool-suite
  2. Demonstration and use of the XLNC tools
  3. Background information on the concept of the XLNC survey
  4. Detailed information on the different steps of the XLNC process (communication, report elaboration etc.)
  5. Practical training regarding the evaluation of the XLNC profiling reports
  6. Certification exam

The tools are covered in the certification workshops in the following order:

Day 1: Personality profile (XLNC_p)
Day 2: Leadership style profile (XLNC_s)
TDay 3: Team atmosphere profile (XLNC_c)

Investments and dates

You can obtain certification for one, two or all three tools. The following investments are incurred depending on the number of tools:

  • Certification for 1 tool: €1,290
  • Certification for 2 tools: €1,990
  • Certification for 3 tools: €2,490

The prices are stated without the inclusion of value added tax and apply to both virtual participation as well as in-person events.

The upcoming certification workshops are scheduled for the following dates:

  • 11.-13.04.2022
  • 05.-07.07.2022
  • 11.-13.10.2022
  • 12.-14.12.2022

Feel free to contact us for your in-house certification. We will gladly prepare an individual offer.

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